Amazon S3. Easy, reliable and fast cloud storage

Amazon S3 is good, reliable, secure, fast cloud storage solution to store and share data especially who are dealing with huge data. Sounds interesting!!! Yes and the process is much more interesting. Here I am going to explain how it works and how we can use it effectively.

The concept is “bucket”. “Bucket”???  Yes first we have to create a bucket with unique name to understand, let’s assume it’s a directory. The flexible part of it is we can create subfolder in it and put our contents inside subfolder, though Amazon handles subfolders in its own way not in a conventional folder structure way of popular operating system.

How to use it:
Amazon provides simple web services interface to store and retrieve data. And the Plus point is since it is cloud storage it can be retrieved anytime, anywhere and in efficient way.

Another approach to use it is to mount Amazon drive into your server. Is it really possible? Can it make life that much easier!!!
Yes it is. S3FS for linux, Transmit for Mac, TntDrive for Windows, and some more can be used to mount an Amazon S3 bucket.


After mounting it can be used as a local filesystem. You can do basic directory operations like copy, move etc. on S3 storage. WOW… I have used S3FS and I can follow up with next blog about S3FS. Just to let you know these clients manages directory in their own way to work with S3.

Be prepared. Going to have a long list of breath taking advantages:

–    Each file can be 1 byte to 5 terabytes
–    Number of files can be stored in a bucket is unlimited
–    Buckets can be stored in one of several region
–    Highly secure from unauthorized access. Data can be made public
or private and authorization can be granted to specific user
–    Secure data upload and download provide extra advantage
–    Support both SOAP and REST
–    All of your data can be administered from
Amazon S3 Management Console
–    Very low cont. Pricing can be found

Please have a look on disadvantages before using it : 

–   Not available in all the regions in the world.
–   Not free, but have low cost relative to advantages

Written By: Biswajit Maji, Software Developer, Mindfire Solutions


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